Thursday, August 18, 2011


7"H x 5"W Original Oil on Stretched Canvas
$95.00  Framed  in black floater frame
 S&H to your Zip
To Purchase, email me at

 I acquired this "Occupied Japan" figurine many years ago and have had it on a display shelf along with decorative boxes that I collect.  When I had finished painting the three dogs?,wolves?, foxes?, I decided to ask someone else what these canines were  The answer was dingoes!  So here they are, a mama and her two pups.


  1. Nice one! I like the quietness of their expressions.

  2. Ready to pounce perhaps - I love all the shading and the background cclours too :0) Mo

  3. I love the way you paint. You've captured the figurines perfectly. Great job, hope to see you on Dec 29th for the new APR's of 2013.
    Merry Christmas,

  4. just wonderful!! I often call Gracie a dingo, but I think that might sound like a "bad thing" which it most certainly is NOT. I also call her a noodle, a button, and the list grows daily!!!

    I canNOT imagine BEing able to paint with paint. I mean, I DO, but it seems my medium is paper. sometimes though I would love to just go into a painting like I was as comfortable as I feel painting with paper... must BE the year I spent painting houses. I spread the paint all round and can't wrap my brain round the finer points, the "details" I suppose.

    have a glorious holiday and I am looking forward to seeing you back here and elsewhere in 2013!!

  5. I love the looseness of your painting, the colours in this are wonderful

  6. I also love the looseness of your painting style. I'm working on loosening up the way I paint. Any tips...?? : )

  7. Wow..So striking Gloria..these are brilliant beautiful..I love the color palette and the marvelous use of light, reflecting upon light..the blue shadowing is exquisite and really makes this piece pop for me..gorgeus! how I have missed visiting!


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