Monday, February 6, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Boxes & Cups & Bunnies, Oh My!"

8"H x 8"W Original Oil on Raymar Panel
$50 Unframed.  To purchase Email Me
Or go to Ebay 

This is my finished painting for the "White on White Challenge" offered by Ann Feldman this week on Daily Paintworks.  As Ann explains, nothing(hardly ever) is pure white.  If you will look below you see the stages getting to my finished painting.  My set-up was under an incandescent light so everything looked warm, but the shadows are pretty cool.  Here is my first sketch below.  I had toned the canvas orange.

Here is the actual set-up.


  1. I totally love this, i have always loved white on white but never manage to paint it, i just want to see color flow when i paint. I really admire this piece though!
    And i came to see your zentangles , i must have always missed them in the past. I think my favorite is your socks one quite a ways below!

  2. Amazing!! Love your zentangles, too!

  3. Magnificent oil painting, a beautiful composition with delicate colors, I really like. Greetings.

  4. Awesome work, really love the colors of your finished piece. And that bunny is too cute~ X3

    Re (my blog): Thanks for your comment!
    The figure himself was sketched in pencil first, and then covered completely with acrylics. How I got all the colors? Just a lot of blending on my palette I guess... ^-^

    // -T.W-

  5. Thanks for your nice note Gloria. It seems that you have found yourself (and very successfully) in your art from reading your 'about me'. I also think I'm attracted to 'colour and sharp contrast', now that you mention it.

  6. Hi Gloria!!
    Thank you for coming to my blog, it is always so nice to hear from new bloggers.
    I added myself to your followers list, I think your art is very cool.. and you love color as I do. As far as putting music on your blog, log into and 'create and account' you can look for songs you like by artist, etc.
    Also you can look on my playlist at the bottom of my blog to see the names of songs and artists. It is really simple trust me!
    Let me know when you do it.. hugs, Darlene

  7. what a fabulous painting! studies of this sort are some of my favoritests things to do when painting and this one came out so excellently! 9white is never just white ;)


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