Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "Rose Botanical"

Original Drawing on 20"H x 10"W 
Canvas decoupaged with white tissue and embellished with metallic paint pens.

                                        To see a larger picture, just click on the photo above.

I really enjoyed this new project.  I had done a drawing with permanent marker on a different canvas before and found that I thought I would like a textured surface over the canvas.  I decoupaged the 20"H x 10"W canvas with white tissue paper, then did my intuitive drawing in black marker.  I then had to decide whether to color the roses or the background.  In this instance I decided to use paint markers to color the roses, their stems and leaves., and leave the background in black and white.  Do not be fooled by the date.  i have to put an old past date to separate out my tangles from my regular oil paintings on my blog.  You can go to "All My Tangles" at the top menu bar.  I also am posting this to Jenn's Artist's Playroom for the week of June 3, even though i did this a while ago.


  1. Gloria this is spectacular and would take soooo long... I really love the heart on the left hand side... that is especially nice and the leaves are simply mind boggling in their complexity... very impressed...xx

  2. This is stunning Gloria, it must have taken forever to do. How are your eyes, mine kill me after doing just a small one. The colours you have used are just so perfect for this piece. I really like the idea of tissue paper over the canvas, gives it a nice texture.

  3. Awesome work Gloria...your roses are so pretty!


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