Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "Tax Time Tangle"

2.5"H x 3"W on official Zentangle tile, 140lb watercolor paper.
Listed in Daily Paintworks Auctions.
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I did this original tangle with dollar signs,plus signs, blanks and squiggles representing signature spaces,dollar bill shapes and some tears, of course!  This may be matted and framed under glass, email me for price, or sent in a protective clear bag to be put in your album or to frame yourself. 


  1. Lovely zentangles. I've seen a bunch of these lately. Seems they are making a comeback.

    You asked how I flattened the spoon in my assemblage. I put it between the jaws of a vise. I wrapped the vise in copper sheeting to keep the spoon from getting damaged. The tea cup is made from 140 lb watercolor paper and three colors of purple pens. It's pretty obvious I need to learn how to shade round objects, especially since I don't draw or sketch. I hope that answered your questions.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. That is interesting about the copper sheeting. I think your cup is fine. The depth of color is very pretty.


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