Monday, November 19, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Fall Table"

This is another painting that I reworked today.  I am on a roll now!  As time goes along your skills improve as long as you keep practicing and learning.  
Since I didn't post the "before" painting of my "Golden Opportunity"  with the crow and pumpkin, I  will show you this painting previous to changes.  I had a few people who requested seeing both before and after.  I think I will also post this one to Jenn's The Artist Playroom.
Be sure to see what the other participating artists have done this week.

This painting is an original oil on stretched canvas 10"H and 20"L
(and already framed, before I started the redux).
Click on image to enlarge. 
Below is the "Before" somewhat blurry photo.
As you can see, way too much green, too much coolness in temperature.  In my "new" version I added turquoise, violet, red, Alizarin, Caribbean Blue and placed them in more impressionistic strokes. I also added some warm into the background area to merge the top and bottom areas of the painting.                                                  


  1. Amazing differences. The re-work is most stunning :0) Mo

  2. holy cow, that is spectacular. the corn is amazing, such detail and yes, I see what you mean about too much green, the red over top looks fab.

  3. Yes, beautiful composition, excellent, I love the colors. Greetings.

  4. The re-worked is awesome, just excellent! Not that the "before" wasn't good, but it's very interesting to see how you have progressed! How much time there has been between these two?

  5. Just amazing! Love the rich reds. :)

  6. great to see the before and after! I love oils for their rich colours, and suits this so well.

  7. Wow, it's amazing what a difference a little change in colour can make. The original was great but the reworked piece is stunning.

  8. That's incredible Gloria,
    I enlarged the photo and the detail is incredible.
    It's so inspiring :D

  9. Oh my.. such a gorgeous painting!! =)

  10. magnificent painting Gloria! You are an amazing inspiring artist!

  11. The orange really makes the colors pop! What a fabulous redux!

  12. reworking is fabulous... love the results you have gotten... this was already wonderful though so you must have had a bit of a moment wondering if you should re work it... so glad you did though because now it is stunning...xx


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