Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Three A Day"

After three weeks I am back from my road trip with my 92 (years-young) mother.  She is always ready for a new adventure.  We met in Chattanooga, TN for a family wedding, both flying in for the occasion. 

We attended the rehearsal dinner along with everyone else who was from out of town at the "Blue Water Grill" hosted by the groom's parents.  We were served great food and the wedding party entertained us with funny stories about the bride and groom.  

The wedding the next evening was at "The Church on Main", which is actually no longer a church but an event venue.  The old building had been stripped down inside to show the brick and rafters, but was still enclosed by beautiful arched windows and the old wood flooring.  The front half of the space was separated off with white curtains and was set up with a stage and seating for guests.  The back half was closed off until after the ceremony, but was set up as a buffet with food, bar and wedding cakes(bride's strawberry..groom's oreo) areas to be enjoyed after the vows were taken.  The stage at the front had a white curtain to hide the band set-up which would be revealed when time to dance.  In front of the white curtain there were three beautifully painted aqua wooden doors hinged together decorated with small lanterns and a painted wood cutout of the bride and grooms' initials.  There were 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen and a tiny ring-bearer, the son of the grooms' brother.  All the ladies were dressed in the color tangerine, and they all wore turquoise jewelry.  But the really unique thing is that every single one of their dresses was a different style that they each chose themselves to suit their own taste.  All their jewelry was different, too!  So cool!

My cousin , the mother of the bride, and her husband invited everyone over for a huge brunch feast the next morning, then Mom and I left on our road trip to Alexandria, LA to visit my sister and brother-in-law for 4 days, then on to San Antonio TX where my Mom and brother live.  I stayed with Mom for a week and flew home to Lake Zurich, IL which is Northwest of Chicago.

See a couple of pictures from the wedding below...

The backdrop for the ceremony

The guests on the grooms side waiting

The bride and her father

Two pastors and the groom, and the grooms father in back

The ceremony with the brides' sister(the matron of honor), another bridesmaid in left front.  The brides bouquet was tangerine flowers in a beautiful tight nosegay. See the photo of the bride at top.
One couple in wedding party exiting after ceremony ends.

And finally my entry at The Artist's Playroom called "Three A Day" done on my IPod Touch 5 with the ArtRage app.
Our theme from Jennifer Mclean this week is "fruit".  Many times these three fruits are the ones I try to have everyday.  Have a great day!    gloria


  1. you do amazing things on your ipod Gloria. Love that fruit!!

  2. Sounds like a busy trip! I hope you had an amazing time... were you aching to create while you were away? I love the idea of all the bridesmaids dresses being a flattering style for each girl... I've seen it before and it looks very nice! Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and your art piece is very pretty too!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Wow, it sounds like it was a beautiful wedding. I love the idea of different dresses and jewelry only in the same colors. Your art does look just wonderful from your ipod. Do you use a stylus or your finger?

  4. Weddings always make me tear up, thanks for sharing this beautiful one! And I think I'll go have some fruit now! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation with your mom and your family, the best kind.

  5. Wonderful!!!!!!! :D Weddings are beautiful and I love them! :D Have a lovely week!

  6. So glad you had a fun trip. The wedding sounds like it was wonderful. Happy for you all.

  7. fun fun fun!! so glad you shared this, Gloria!! love your fruits. amazed you DO it on your iPod!!!

  8. The wedding looks lovely,glad you enjoyed time with your Mum. That fruit looks wonderful, full of delicious colour!

  9. Lovely wedding photos and great vibrant fruity colours

  10. It sounds like it was a lovely wedding, and that you had a marvelous time with your mother. I love that your digital fruit still life. Welcome back and blessings!

  11. Such a vibrant fruit painting - I just cannot get 'into' Art Rage, but I'll keep trying, and until I manage it I keep going back to Brushes. So I really admire your digital art. There is real movement in painting, and it is so free and lively. Beautiful.
    Sounds as if it was a fun wedding, and your mother has my admiration - even at 77 I don't think I could keep up with her.

  12. Ooh, I love your fruit Gloria, the colours are wonderful! :D
    The wedding looks like it was a beautifully romantic day and the bride was, of course, gorgeous! :0) Mo


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