Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "Starts"

Today I have two ZIA's for Laura's prompt of "only straight lines", in our tangles this week.  It was fun, like a limited palette in painting.  I will barely slip under the wire for posting them on her site.  It closes at noon on Saturdays.  Please enjoy the Diva's website and see a very creative group of tanglers!  I am also posting to Paint Party Friday, a huge amount of creative people there, also!
This first one I started in the center of the square, and as you can see, I didn't have it centered, or square!  But it was fun to watch it grow outward from there, even if it was very wonky!  Shown with its' reflection.
This second one is representing a quilt.  I drew it and put in all the stitches and cross-stitches and then ended up using colored Signo pens which obliterated many lines.  But I hope you get the idea!

My third project is the first block-in of an oil painting.  It is a landscape of a photo taken in Door County Wisconsin.  It actually has a cow in the foreground in the photo but I just wanted to do a landscape, so left the cow out.  I hope to finish this painting after my trip.  This is 8"x 10" on gallery wrapped 3/4 inch canvas.

Lastly I am sending a small birthday box to my sister-in-law.  It is a Crate & Barrel box that I painted with black acrylic and decorated with white acrylic.  I will put her card on the top for the address.

Have a good week!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's " Tangle and Go!"

I have missed a couple of weeks getting ready for my trip in early June to the International Association of Pastel Societies(IAPS) convention in Albuquerque so I will post two tangles and an oil painting I just finished. I will be posting to Laura Harm's "I am the Diva" site and

This is on 5"x 7" cardstock and uses the two tangles "Bunzo and "Dex" that Laura asked us to use for her birthday week(last week). It is titled "Laura's Wacky Birthday Bouquet"

The second tangle for this week is in black and white.  Laura asked us to use black paper and a white pen or to do a tangle on a found object like a shoe or trash can.  I had an old pastel on black Canson Metenties paper, so cut it up and used the back of it with my new Signo white ink pen.  I decided to use all tangles that had names starting with "M" since it is May.
I think it is so cool with the reflection of my kitchen counter underneath it! The tangles I used are "Man-O-Man", "Marasu", "Meer", "Mooka", "Moon Rocks", "Msst", "Mumsy", and "Munchin".

Next is an 10" x 8" oil painting on canvas of a scene I took from my photograph of the last time I was at IAPS in 2013.  It is inside the Route 66 Diner in old Albuquerque.  We went at night and the neon light made everything glow in pink.  They had the best old-fashioned straight-rhubarb pie! (I don't like it with strawberries!)  So the title is "Rhubarb Glow".

I want to show you the wonderful swap art I received from Bridget Joss for our April swap project.  Bridget also sent me lots of ephemera for future projects.

Thanks so much, Bridget!

Have a wonderful week!