Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "Let's Play Pinochle!"

"Pea-nuckle #1"
3.5" Square
My first attempt at the new tangle by Molly Hollibaugh.
I found this very difficult, because I didn't have my "S's" lined up.
I did like doing it on a black Zentangle Tile, however.  It saved time in the fill areas.
I used "Purk" and "Footlites" & "Sannibelle" in addition.  

"Pea-nuckle #2"
Still very much a struggle!  I was ready to graph the page out to do this, but that goes against the whole idea of Zentangle.  I used "Mooka" as well.

"Pea-nuckle 3#"
Well, I tried the tips given by Cris@TangledUpInArt.  They were very helpful.  But I still am not satisfied.  I can see a lot more practice needed on this tangle!  But it did push me to go past one example!  Good Practice...Have a good week everyone!  Thanks, Laura.  Go see all the other entries, please, as you have time!
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  1. I can see progress in each tile. I actually like the airy effect of the first tile. I haven't tried pea-knuckle yet, so I'd better set aside plenty of time to learn it!

  2. Such detail...amazingly pleasing to the eye!!!!

  3. Wow, pea-knuckle make a fantastic background!

  4. wonderful efforts as always !

  5. I think all of them turned out well. I do understand your frustration, however. This tangle gave me fits. But you persevered, and they are great. You need to go back to the Diva's web page and check your URL. It doesn't bring you here; it says that webpage doesn't exist but gives you the option of going "Home" which is how I found you.

  6. I'm REALLY confused with how google+ works so forgive me thanking your for submitting to my current APR your zentangle on a new post. I loved the botanical roses, incredibly creative. You've inspired me to try that technique.
    hopefully you get this, the new interface to some blogs is so incredibly frustrating to navigate, I just used the first open comment box I could find! I have no idea where my comment will end up!
    Best (and totally frustrated),

  7. Like Jenn, I got a little confused finding you but I found all these zentangles too so it was a good thing. I don't do actual zentangles (I call mine doodles) but it is inspiring to look at them. Yours are great.



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