Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "Let's Play Pinochle!"

"Pea-nuckle #1"
3.5" Square
My first attempt at the new tangle by Molly Hollibaugh.
I found this very difficult, because I didn't have my "S's" lined up.
I did like doing it on a black Zentangle Tile, however.  It saved time in the fill areas.
I used "Purk" and "Footlites" & "Sannibelle" in addition.  

"Pea-nuckle #2"
Still very much a struggle!  I was ready to graph the page out to do this, but that goes against the whole idea of Zentangle.  I used "Mooka" as well.

"Pea-nuckle 3#"
Well, I tried the tips given by Cris@TangledUpInArt.  They were very helpful.  But I still am not satisfied.  I can see a lot more practice needed on this tangle!  But it did push me to go past one example!  Good Practice...Have a good week everyone!  Thanks, Laura.  Go see all the other entries, please, as you have time!
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