Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's " Seven Step Inkblot"

This is Step One in my challenge entry for The Artist's Playroom.                                           
The challenge prompt this week from Jennifer Mclean is "INK".  
The first thing I thought of was inkblots.  
The second thing I thought of was that I don't have any ink that I could do an inkblot with. Then I realized my new Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils could be used like ink.  In my class on how to use them I learned I could make shavings from the pencil lead and then add water.  So I started with a piece of sketch paper and folded it in half the long way.  Then I put my inky orange on the paper, folded it and when I opened it, this is what I had.  My inkblot looks like a roasting chicken to me! SCROLL DOWN

This is Step Two
I added the color Fuchsia and folded it across the diagonal.
This inkblot looks like a bee sitting on an iris to me!
(I think he is missing his wings, but maybe they are just see-through!) SCROLL DOWN

I had forgotten to take a picture when I added the Blue, so here is Step 3 & 4  Blue and Poppy.  Now I kept rotating it to see what it brought to mind. I folded the paper on the opposite diagonal and across the short way for these two colors.

I couldn't figure out what it could be, so then I made it Black and White and rotated it a few times.    Then I saw it! Do you see it? SCROLL DOWN

Step 5
                                              An Indian Head with Arrows!  
Now that is all I can see!  SCROLL DOWN

Step 6!

Now for Step 7!  Some Micron pen enhancing!
Click on any photo to enlarge for more detail.
The End!


  1. LOL - I don't know what it is..but it sure is putty! And I can tell you had lots of fun!

  2. Hi Gloria,
    I love the bold color, it's cool how drops of ink can make such a wonderfully colorful abstract. Each person looking at it will see something different.
    Thanks for participating

  3. You know...after looking the second time...I TOTALLY see his face. VERY awesome. (I meant to say it sure is purty...not putty. The auto correct on my computer did that!

  4. The Indian is whistling to the wind - AWEsome!! Love the whole idea from start to finish :0)

  5. YES, I saw it at step six. Of course, your lovely addition by outlining the image makes it even more special. And a very impressive use of your inks/pencils.

  6. ha! that's incredible! and awesome! i love this!

  7. I couldn't see the indian at first but kept staring and found him, then I scrolled down and there it was inked. I love this idea and there are the inktense pencils again, I so want some but found out the price today and ouch, they are a bit exey but so beautiful.
    Great picture.

  8. Very nice. I also see a Buffalo head facing forward with the nostils at the bottom. Very fitting to go with your indian head.
    Great to hear from you.

  9. How much have you had to drink Gloria??? (lol) ;D
    Chickens, Bees, Indian heads!?!?!
    I can tell you've had such fun with this challenge...which is more than I can say for my entry! I'm still unsure if I'll post it or not.
    I hadn't got a clue that the Intense pencils could do that. The colours look great and I think you've been really clever here.
    Brilliant entry!
    Have a wonderful weekend :D

  10. I can't imagine anyone not having ink around, but this was such fun to watch you make ink blots! It was like looking at the clouds when we were kids and finding things in the shapes. I also could see the hints of a buffalo head. ;)

  11. How flippin' cool Gloria! That looked like it was a lot of fun to play with. :) Warmly, Tracy

  12. That is beyond cool... so sorry I am getting here so late, and I love the Indian head... took me until the last one to see it, but then I am hopeless at things like that...xx

  13. Amazing! I enjoyed the step by step photo's on the way to the end product very much.

    I was unable to get to APR last week but hope to make it this time.



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