Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Goin' With The Flow"

"Things that inspire" is our prompt this week from Jennifer Mclean at The Artist's Playroom  

Well, color in nature, sunsets and sunrises.  
Storm clouds, dark and menacing.  
Butterflies and dragonflies, flitting by.  
Chipmunks...Now be nice!  They are very cute little guys!  
Newborns and two-years old's!  I love seeing their personalities develop. 
Panoramic views of untouched meadows and mountains.  
I love beautifully landscaped ponds and the exotic butterfly Koi and fancy tail goldfish. 
I love the wind on a stormy day and also a slightly warm breeze on a Summer day with temperatures no higher than 73! 
Sunshine and shadow always appeal as do many vibrant colors in my pastels and oil paints.  

New, New, New!  Learning about some new technique, art form or product is always inspirational. I think that is why I enjoy all the websites and blogs I get to visit when I participate in challenges and see what other artists are doing..  You are always learning.   Here is my entry.  Click to enlarge image for better detail 

9"H x 12"W Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper


  1. Hello Gloria:) We share the same things that inspiring us:) Your painting is beautiful with nice fresh colors. Love this very much. Have a nice week!

  2. This is truly beautifully rendered Gloria. Those fish look like their swimming in beautiful water, you captured their movement beautifully. We have four koi outside in the fountain infront of our apartment building. They're new koi as of a few months ago though, as we also sometimes have a hungry resident heron!! He ate ALL the koi a few months back, holy hell, now that's a hungry bird!!

  3. Lovely post, wonderful things inspire you. I too love watching children develop and play. So sweet!! Your Koi are very beautiful and the movement is lovely!!! Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Your words are inspirational there Gloria - beautifully written, but your picture is stunning, fluid and alive. Love it! :0)

  5. Wow..beautiful entrancing colors..dreamy..captivating sense of movement! Totally gorgeous Gloria!!The color palette is stunning!
    Visiting from APR

  6. Loving your gorgeous painting Gloria, so full of movement, x

  7. I love your lust... and chipmunks are cute... even big furry ones at Disney world.... especially when your 2 year old daughter tackles one around the knees and he goes down ... ahhh life has always been a bit mad... love the painting as always... you are a master at brushwork...xx

  8. Lovely post and that would be inspiring. Your fish are really fabulous, there is plenty of movement and the water is really great.

  9. Beautiful Koi, much movement! I enjoyed your post for APR too ~ :)

  10. Your works is so detailed and really evokes a mood, it makes me think you understand your koi very well.


  11. What's a McHenry pond? My dad used to call me McHenry for a nickname when I was little. It's after one of the characters from The Magic Roundabout!

    Those fish are incredible. Their tails swish and the water swirls. You did a wonderful job. The colours are gorgeous too.

  12. lovely!! I love how clear and fun your list is, and those koi are magnificent!!

  13. Triple WOW!!! This is by far one of my favorite art pieces of yours. The clearness of the splashing water and the movement of the fish that you captured are just awe inspiring. You are so talented. Blessings!

  14. Hi Gloria. I got your sweet comment and I don't know what I am so quick about. If I was quick about something today, it was luck!! I've been re-vamping my blog all day -- twitter, pinterest, etc.
    Love your butterfly Koi -- I think I actually saw them swimming; you can you know -- beautiful movement in a painting is a true gift.
    Blessings Terri -
    PS I'm coming over from

  15. How gorgeous is THAT! Thanks for visiting and a peek inside what inspires you. :) Warmly, Tracy

  16. I agree! new techniques are definitely inspirational! These wonderful goldfish, so dynamic, are inspiring in their own right :D


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