Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Goin' With The Flow"

"Things that inspire" is our prompt this week from Jennifer Mclean at The Artist's Playroom  

Well, color in nature, sunsets and sunrises.  
Storm clouds, dark and menacing.  
Butterflies and dragonflies, flitting by.  
Chipmunks...Now be nice!  They are very cute little guys!  
Newborns and two-years old's!  I love seeing their personalities develop. 
Panoramic views of untouched meadows and mountains.  
I love beautifully landscaped ponds and the exotic butterfly Koi and fancy tail goldfish. 
I love the wind on a stormy day and also a slightly warm breeze on a Summer day with temperatures no higher than 73! 
Sunshine and shadow always appeal as do many vibrant colors in my pastels and oil paints.  

New, New, New!  Learning about some new technique, art form or product is always inspirational. I think that is why I enjoy all the websites and blogs I get to visit when I participate in challenges and see what other artists are doing..  You are always learning.   Here is my entry.  Click to enlarge image for better detail 

9"H x 12"W Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper