Friday, August 10, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Have A Snack"

9"H x 12"W Original Oil on Board
$75.00         S&H  $10.00

Boy!  I really had to scramble to get this done for Jenn's "Turquoise and Lime" prompt for this week's challenge at The Artist Playroom.  I love my snack set and knew I had the colors for the prompt.  But considering that Saturday is the last day to post before the next challenge, this is late,late,late!  Where did this week go!? I notice that my Turquoise cup on my monitor looks more blue, so who knows what it looks like on yours!

I did enjoy painting this and really piled on the paint.  Have a good weekend, and go on over and see the other artists' entries.


  1. OMG, gloria, this is spectacular. You paint like I wish I did. I absolutely LOVE this piece and if I could afford to purchase it I'd grab it up in a hot minute. I love it so much, you are so supremely talented, it's off the chart, girl. Maybe I'll sell something big on Etsy and magically have the money to purchase, I'll cross my fingers. WOW.

  2., beautiful..your work is always fabulous!Stunning!!

  3. Very dynamic and pretty at the same time! I also love, love your white daylilies that are your image at the top of your blog, just wonderful...

  4. These are so cool, Gloria. I didn't do any real painting this week, but I did have fun. Blessings!

  5. I love your snack set, so vibrant. Makes me want to get my oils out again, but the family complains about the smell.
    I know what you mean about the turquoise looking blue, mine came out more blue than turquoise too.

  6. Beautiful vivid colors Gloria, I love it!! It does look more blue on this end. Still wonderful though!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. This is stunning. I feel I could reach out and touch them. Love! :0)

  8. I love the bold and bright look of your painting! I'd love to eat snacks out of any of those colorful bowls.

  9. You make the most ordinary objects look so interesting. I really like the colors and texture of this piece.


  10. I can't believe how late I am in visiting this week...but here I am...puffing and panting trying to get to everyone!
    What a powerful painting vibrant. I can see you had fun.
    Have a great week. ;D

  11. This is so amazing gloria!!! Love the colors . . . they are so vibrant and there is so much texture to this piece!! Wow!!


  12. Beautiful! Your shadows always amaze me. You accomplish such depth in your paintings. And the vivid colors are just marvelous.


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