Monday, November 12, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Tinkering Squared"

This tangled tile is in tribute to the Disney character, "Tinkerbell".  Our guest hostess  on the I Am The Diva site, Courtney Franz thought it would be fun to celebrate the  November 18 anniversary date of 85 years of Mickey Mouse.  Mickey was first introduced by Disney along with Minnie in "Steamboat Willie" in 1928.
We were to use, Mickey, Minnie or Walt Disney/Disney as our prompt.  My favorite Disney character has always been Tinkerbell.  I started by dividing my Zentangle tile into 8 sections. Then I drew in the center piece which replicates the smaller of Tinks' wings.  The larger wings were next, extending out each spoke.  Then Tinkerbells' magic wands, her eyes in the border, and symbols of her shoes with the big pom pom balls.  I filled in around some of the wands with auras and some of the shoes with dark areas. I added an extra black border in   PS Elements so that the white area on the edges would show up better, the actual tile ends at the outer edge of the "eyes".  This was really fun, thanks Courtney!   Be sure to go see all the other imaginative entries on the Diva's site.
Weekly Challenge #95: Guest Post - "Mickey Challenge"

3.5" Square Zentangle Watercolor Paper Tile
$4.00  S&H 2.00


  1. This is beautiful Floria! Thanks for explaining too.

  2. Love Tink's wings and wand! A great interpretation of this challenge.

  3. Nice post! Love your use of the magic wands.

  4. This is beautiful. Thanks for explaining your process. It's very striking, and I love the boldness of it.

  5. Great tile!! So imaginative! Love all the explanations!

  6. Great tribute to Tinkerbell!
    Courtney Frantz

  7. gloria, tinkerbell is my favorite, too! have you had the opportunity to see her yet? she is at Disney World now, i got pictures with her a couple years ago. and at night - during the fireworks - if the weather is good - she flies from the top of cinderella's castle down into tomorrowland. a real, live lady on a zipline, all lit with sparkle lights and a wand, and she just flies as calm as can be from the top of the castle, above everyone's heads, into tomorrowland. i love it! great interpretation of tink in your tile :)


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