Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Christmas Postcards"

Last year & this I have made my Christmas designs into post cards for mailing to friends and family as greetings.  It sure saves on postage!  I made my cards the standard 4 x 6 inches with a dividing line on the back, just like a regular postcard.  The fronts are glossy, and the backs are mat for easier writing with pen. Make sure that you check with your post office, it might cost you more if you want to send a 5 x 7 postcard either because of being over-sized or just more postage.  I tried to get Christmas "Forever" stamps, but they don't make them in Christmas designs.  So I took the ones that they had, but they are Aloha shirts.  I looked on-line for Christmas postcard stamps, but the USPS doesn't seem to have any.  I might be stuck with a conflicting message!  Winter/Summer!  Here are the cards I will be sending out this year.  I am sharing these with Jenn's The Artist Playroom 
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     Church w/Star                                                      Floral w/Star

Snowman or Skater

These are all 4" x 6" and if you would like to buy one, they are $1.00 plus postage to send to you in an envelope of 45 cents. Would you like a stamp(Aloha) already on it? Add 32 cents with Aloha stamp. So $1.00 postcard, $0.45 cents S&H , $0.32 Aloha Stamp on postcard.