Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "The New Mainstreet"

We moved into the new Mainstreet Art Centre this week after Frankie Johnson and her husband Jay spent months doing carpentry. They along with Dave Haley made new taborets, shelving for fabric and still life pieces, displays for paintings, 8 foot long tables on wheels for easy movement for workshops, storage for frames and palettes.  And of course, painting the walls.  And meanwhile, classes went on in our old location.  At night and on weekends, Frankie and some students and teachers and her family members would move things not directly essential to each class over to the new location.  As the full move-over got closer, she started with some kids classes, and the Wednesday evening watercolor class by having them start in the new building.  We are so thankful for all the hard work everyone did to give us this great new space.  We now have our wash sinks, refrigerator for cold drinks and palette storage, upstairs instead of in the basement.  We have two bathrooms and three classrooms.  So if you are in our area, come and join us for classes or workshops from excellent instructors locally and from around the USA!

Our front entry and chairs for having a cup of "Joe", tea, pop, or water.

 The coffee station and microwave.............>

 Still life props,  beginning student and charcoal area, fabric, easels, taborets............... and the table where we have lunch(and goodies!)
                                                    Storage for our long sleeve, short sleeve and sweat shirts 

 Our wash sinks & storage

                                                                      Frame storage

 Art magazines for people who would like references on how the experts do it and photos of animals, birds, boats, people etc. for learning about drawing shapes.
                                   Kid's Classroom 3..............>

 Storage in Classroom 3

                                                                 Back entry hall and aprons to borrow for keeping clean.

Susan Ploughe (Amazing instructor & Amazing Artist) conferring with a student before class. 

Monday morning student working on a pastel.

Our heroine, Kathy who runs the front desk, keeps the coffee pot going, plays music for us, frames our paintings, schedules classes, takes our money (cheerfully! :> ) and just does anything we need.  Kathy is also an expert palette knife painter and pastelist.

Classroom 2

And saving the best for last, Frankie Johnson!
here is a link to her Fine Art   


  1. This was lovely! What a wonderful post. You are part of what makes Main Street so special.

  2. Wow, you told me this was happening! The outcome looks fantastic. I bet you can't wait to be there and create!!!!

  3. wow talk about a dream studio!

  4. This new building totally renovated with new flooring , lighting plumbing heating air conditioning every inch of the spaces we ca now enjoy has been upgraded to brand new. The facility surly fits the needs of the Lake Zurich community and surrounding aria artist. This has been a dream come true for Frankie and Jay, it's been a long time coming but it sure is a great place to learn and become an artist in any medium you'd like to study. Personally I've enjoyed the process and will help with any project Frankie can come up with for me to do. Big Grins and congratulations Frankie Johnson you've made a wonderful leap of faith.

    1. Nice addition to the pictures, Dave as you have the "inside" story. Thank you for your comments.

  5. Gloria, thank you! This is a wonderful display of our space & exciting now to feel it in action. It has felt wonderful already in just a few days. Soooo roomy & easy to work in. It couldn't have come together without so much help & support. I am so grateful.
    Thank you everyone.

  6. I can't tell you how much you are admired and loved, Frankie. You too, Kathy! :)

  7. Frankie, your new studio looks so so great. Diana and I are really happy for you. Now get busy! love you sis, Joe


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