Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Diva #108 WHYZ"

When I saw the Diva's challenge this week, I was confused.  I looked for directions of how to do a tangle called "WHYZ", but couldn't find it even on Tangle Patterns!    
I soon realized that Laura had made her own tangle with "Y's".  Her grandmother died last week and I am imagining that she, as we often do, was asking "why?" It is also a great title because we think of our older family members as being "wise".  
OOPS!  I just discovered I had somehow missed the sentence where it mentioned the creator of this tangle.  It is Jane MacKugler!
So here is my interpretation of Laura's design.  Have a great week, and check the site to see how very imaginative artists can be!

3.5" Square Watercolor Paper with original design in Sakura Ink.
$4.00 plus S&H
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