Monday, January 3, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Summer, Winter, Summer, Winter?"

This evening I used a couple of my Gelli Plate painted pages to make a journal page about how my feelings change with the weather.  Maybe because I am a Gemini?  In the hot of Summer, I am wishing for cooler weather, and in the 20 degree weather I am thinking of moving from Illinois to Arizona! "Be happy whatever the weather!" I tell myself,  "Are you never satisfied!"  So on my journal page I joined the cold and hot, just like a water faucet and made some WARM!  I show the two sections of pages cut out and another blue page that is similar to my top half.  What was interesting to me is that if you look at the small section of leftover blue piece you will see the darker blue area that was cut off.  I saw in the paint a figure in a hooded jacket with arm extended, and then other figures in front of that one.  I used a blue pencil to outline what I saw in the paint to make my Winter figures.  This is my Paint Party Friday entry as well as my Gelli Print Party 3rd Entry with Carolyn Dube.
Top left is the paper used to make the bottom half, bottom left is where my Winter figures emerged.  The right side paper is an example of some predominantly blue pages I made last night.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Infinity Folds"

My post today is a pen & ink and graphite drawing on a 4"H x 6"L greeting card.   It is my thank you card to my sister-in-law.  She gave me this gorgeous infinity scarf by Steve Madden for Christmas this year.  It is in one of my favorite colors, Turquoise.  It is so soft and snugly and really keeps my neck warm on these 20 degree days. 
This is also my entry into the Daily Paintworks Challenge for this week, called "Paint Some Fabric".

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Gelli Backs"

Tonight a quick post showing the backs of the pages that I made last night.  I often sprayed water on the Gelli plate to get more paint loose.  So some of the papers got soaked and tore.  But that is not a problem because they can be used as parts added to embellish a different journal page.

Gloria J Zucaro's "First Day Of Gelli"

Today is the first day of Carolyn Dube's Gelli Plate celebration.  I really had fun today.  In fact I didn't realize how much time was passing and finally went to a room with a clock to find it was 12:45 AM!  I think I started painting around 7:30.  Anyway, I did 10 papers, but some I painted/stenciled(with Jessica Sporn's stencils) on both sides.  With one of my journal pages I used the gelli layers to make my Fall Fearless & Fly page #7.  The hostess for that link is Marcia Beckett.  The prompts for the 7th Fall Fearless & Fly page are  
"Headline Prompt:  Future Imperfect: What is different about your life now than what you once expected it to be?  How is the way it turned out perfect or imperfect.  If your future turns out differently than you imagined in the first prompt, could it still be perfect?
Color Prompt: Yellow
Quote Prompt: "Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present."  Friedrich Nietsche"

I thought I would always be married and when I was a young mother I envisioned myself as a grandmother sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair passing out homemade cookies to all the children as they were on their way home from school!  LOL!  Sorry, no rocking chair, no homemade cookies most days, and no front porch!  I think you have to go with the flow of life and accept and embrace the surprises that become your opportunities.  PS.-when I was very young I thought it would be so much fun to travel like a hobo in a boxcar across the country!  ME, the person who has never even desired to go camping in a tent!

Gelli result using Jessica's Star Stencil

Using a stencil with several border designs

A combination of Jessica's stencils and some of my leftover Cricut papers.