Monday, January 3, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Summer, Winter, Summer, Winter?"

This evening I used a couple of my Gelli Plate painted pages to make a journal page about how my feelings change with the weather.  Maybe because I am a Gemini?  In the hot of Summer, I am wishing for cooler weather, and in the 20 degree weather I am thinking of moving from Illinois to Arizona! "Be happy whatever the weather!" I tell myself,  "Are you never satisfied!"  So on my journal page I joined the cold and hot, just like a water faucet and made some WARM!  I show the two sections of pages cut out and another blue page that is similar to my top half.  What was interesting to me is that if you look at the small section of leftover blue piece you will see the darker blue area that was cut off.  I saw in the paint a figure in a hooded jacket with arm extended, and then other figures in front of that one.  I used a blue pencil to outline what I saw in the paint to make my Winter figures.  This is my Paint Party Friday entry as well as my Gelli Print Party 3rd Entry with Carolyn Dube.
Top left is the paper used to make the bottom half, bottom left is where my Winter figures emerged.  The right side paper is an example of some predominantly blue pages I made last night.