Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Minute Challenge

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This is my choice of subject for the second challenge offered on The Daily Paintworks site.  We were to pick any small object and divide our canvas into 3"square sections.  Then set a timer and paint for exactly 10 minutes.  We had to stop...or else Carol said we got no dessert!  We were to do the painting 8 times.  Whoa! Scary!  I thought I had started pretty well, until I stood back!  A little crooked there, what, and it gets worse as it goes along.  But I must say, that the last pitcher on each 6" x 6" panel was the most successful.  What did I learn? (other than that I fold under pressure!!)   That you really get to know your subject and you start to pay more attention to your values. 
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