Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Up Cake"

6"H x 6"W  Original Oil on Raymar Canvas Panel
$95.00 Framed in Plain Black wooden Frame.  S&H to your ZIP
To Purchase, email me at

 Another upside down cereal bowl!  I must be starting a trend??  Well, if I had left it right side up, the cupcake would have only been peaking over the top edge of the bowl from the inside!   My friend Laura, (also an artist, sometimes watercolor and sometimes pastel), gave me the cupcake and I forgot to eat it that day.  The next time I went to the studio to paint it was practically petrified as in The Petrified Forest.  But therefore holding its' delicious folds of butter-cream and sprinkles easily.   However, for some reason no one wanted to eat it after I finished the painting????