Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Limited Stroke Challenge- "A Real Lemon!" Study #1

This challenge was really fun and a great learning tool. The object to use as few strokes as possible to do a very simple painting.  If you lift the brush off the surface, your stroke is done.  I had learned from a wonderful artist,Diane Rath, who recently died of cancer, about loading your brush fully and smoothly using your whole arm to move the brush up and down (with darks, to lower the reflection) and side to side (with lights to catch more light reflection) in one easy stroke.  I did the challenge twice.  The first time I allowed myself 25 strokes.  I was able to complete the first challenge in 23 strokes initially.  I used the extra two strokes to go over the two areas to darken them.  I used a # 6 worn down flat brush for this first study(edges had rounded down quite a bit).