Friday, March 15, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Visit to Saint Petersburg" Auction Piece

6"H x 6"W Original Oil on Raymar Canvas Panel
$35.00 For Sandy Hook Auction.   Bidding ends at midnight on Monday March, 18th.
Place your bid in the comments area.          SOLD

I will send the painting to you after I receive notice that the Sandy Hook organization of your choice has received the donation.  Shipping is free to all, however, extra fees required in countries outside the USA will be paid by the buyer.

Sandy Hook Elementary Charity Websites:

Please contact me buy email with any questions.

This is the monthly challenge for the Virtual Paintout site.  Our globe trotting on Google Maps/Streetview this time around was the city and environs of Saint Petersburg, Russia.   It is always fun to travel around the city and feel like you are there in the streets watching all the people walking along with their shopping bags.  This location is on the little island to the West of the city itself, but still considered Saint Petersburg.  I couldn't decipher the name of the island or this pretty building.  I do know that many government buildings in Russia are painted in cheerful colors so that everything looks better during their long, snowy Winter's.  This is also my entry for Paint Party Friday this week.  Happy PPF and I hope the auction is a huge success!