Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "It Is Tough Being The Queen!"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Pen & Ink Drawing on Official Zentangle Tile
(140lb watercolor paper)
$3.00 Unframed.  For Framing Options see tab at top right of blog page.
This is in the auction on the Daily Paintworks Site.

My drawing tonight was inspired by something I heard on the news.  Apparently in the last 10 years there has been an unusual increase in people who live alone.  Although it is only about a 1% increase and is probably mostly young people starting their careers and marrying later, there was also a large increase of seniors living alone in the Midwest,especially,which is where I live.  So I thought about how I look at it.  I am the queen of my household, with no schedules to meet for another.  I may stay out after most people would go home to cook dinner for the family.  I can decorate my castle as I wish with no consultation with another..except my pocketbook. I can watch any TV show I like at anytime of the night or day, and play my music loud(with consideration for the neighbors!) etc.,etc.  But on the other hand, if something is funny on TV you have no one to laugh with.  If you come home late for dinner and just eat a bowl of pop-corn, that is not so good for you.  If you always have to do all the laundry, all the cleaning, all the cooking, all the yard work, all the bill paying, all the car maintenance, IT IS TOUGH BEING THE QUEEN!  Sometimes you just wish you had someone to take care of you!  But thank goodness...I have wonderful children(and grandchildren) close by and and some further away who keep in close touch.  As an artist I have many artist friends that I see several times a week and who will always help out in a crunch.  So all in all, I am very lucky to have my little kingdom ,er Queendom, all my own!   Disclaimer!  I am not sad or lonely, just pensive this time around.           This is my Paint Party Friday entry for this week.  Go see all the wonderful artwork offered by the many artists who go to the party hosted by Eva & Kristin!