Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?"

6"H x 6"W Original Oil on Panel

On our third workshop day, Dreama did a chunky demo of a teacup.  Then we had the choice of using her photographic reference or our own photo.  I had been wanting to paint my cookie jar for a while now so I used my own photo. I used the transparent oils as the block-in.  Under the lid I used Indian Yellow and I think Sap Green and Rose under the body of the jar.  You can see the difference in warmth.  My cookie jar sits on my green tile kitchen counter that I just love and have put in several of my pastel paintings. You can see them on my website.   There were cookies for us at the workshop, so I added those to the composition.  My cookie jar at home sits empty most of the time, because if I baked or filled it from the grocery, it would soon be empty anyway!  I love cookies!