Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Postcard Twist"

5"H x 7"L Original Collage
Click on Photo to enlarge for more detail
$6.00 starting bid on daily Paintworks

This is my entry into Jennifer Mcleans' "Make Me Laugh" challenge over at The Artist Playroom.  This one really had me stumped.  So I went to see what some of the examples were, and what a few of the "early bird" artists had already posted.  I couldn't think of anything to paint or draw!  I finally remembered this magnet I had bought years ago that made me smile if not laugh.  So I cut out the "body" of an empty box of raisins for my cardboard support.  It turned out to be 5 x 7, a perfect postcard size!  I then read up on Mod Podge.  I had used it before, but always had trouble with everything I glued getting all wrinkly.  So I bought some Acrylic Sealing spray and sprayed all my little pieces of paper that I had gotten on-line, reduced in size when printing and cut down.  I sprayed them twice, but only on the front.  Maybe I should have done the backs, too, as I still had trouble with some wrinkles.  I was looking for references to the word twisted, because of the above saying about twisted men!  So I got a little tornado man, a "hunk" all twisted up in rope, a contortionist, a little pretzel guy, and a man sniffing a "twist" of lemon.  Whew!  My first collage,who knew it was so involved!   First I glued a photograph of some flowers and a butterfly onto the bare cardboard side of the raisin box.  Then I arranged all the twisted men and my 1940's movie star(whose name I can't remember, so help me out!).  I decided to enlarge the words, so printed them at 150%.  I glued them on.  Next I glued on some torn rice paper in a mint green color.  When that dried, I decided I need to use a Micron pen to enhance the smaller twisted guys as they were kind of dim(hehe) under all that glue!  About a month ago I had ordered through an Amazon seller some mini pots of Twinkling H2O's.  They were cheaper than the regular price.  Well, I opened them tonight and they seem to be all dried up!  I put a bunch of water in the one called "Ice" and crunched it around for a few minutes.  Then I painted it on in a few spots.  It doesn't show up here.  I did take a picture with it catching the light, but it just created a slick "Icy" look so I decided not to show that.  It doesn't twinkle, but it does look like ice!  See the back of my "card" below.  Do you think I can put addresses on the raisin side and mail it?  Or do I need to put it in an envelope so it doesn't get ruined??
This is also my entry for Paint Party Friday.  Happy PPF!