Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Color My World"

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4"H x 6"L Greeting Card done with Luminarte's Silks and Twinkling H20s, 
which are both luminescent acrylics.
$4.00 starting bid on Daily Paintworks auction
darker version- click to enlarge to see the glimmer!
Lighter Version
Although I am still very much "coldey" and have to go to the Doc in the A.M. because of fevers, I wanted to get something in to Jenn's Artist Playroom this week.  Jenn's prompt was paint something in your favorite color.  Well, picking one would be impossible!  I find I usually use an array of colors from the warm side of the color wheel and a few from the cooler side.  I tend not to like earth tones or very muted colors.  I am most happy with orange, yellows, roses, aqua, lime green, and emerald green. I also love sparkles!  I just got new paints listed above and they are a wonderful pigment filled with mica.  The originator of these fabulous paints is Leslie Ohnstad and the paints can be found here, LuminArte.  The picture doesn't do the card justice as far as the richness and sheen of the paint.  You can see it better in the darker version but the lighter version is more true to the brightness.