Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Quoth The Raven"

8"H x 10"W Original oil on board.
Bids starting at $65.00

This week Carol Marine gave us the "Birdbrain Challenge".  Her bird is a gull.  But since I did a gull for Ria Hill's "Shoot and Paint" challenge earlier this year, and Carol said we could paint hers or any other bird of our choosing, I chose this raven.  I think it is great for this time of year, with Halloween coming up.  I used an already textured board.  Frequently I use the leftover paint on my palette to pre-treat another board for future use. This board was completely dry.  It had some oranges and other colors on it, but I wanted it toned completely red-orange so went over it with Cad Red Medium before starting this painting  I know some people think ravens/crows are spooky or evil, but I love them.  I feel they are somehow primal and they have always attracted my interest.  I feel the same way about geese as they fly South on a cloudy and chilly Fall day.  It gives me the shivers and I too have a longing to fly!
I am also posting this for Paint Party Friday.  Please check both sites to see what other artists have been doing this past week.