Friday, October 5, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "River Birch & Roses"/Sankegg/Portrait

"River Birch & Roses"
This is my entry for Jenn's challenge at The Artist's Playroom of painting something "Botanical".  I am not sure it qualifies, but two weeks ago we were to do our view outside   This is from my deck which has Roses and River Birch.

"Birch" is also the prompt from the Daily Paintworks.
Below that is my second week of  portraits with Ann Feldman.  This is in it's first stage and is from a painting by Manet.  Next we will do a tonal painting on top of this in oil or pastel.
And not to forget Paint Party Friday!  Which I did yesterday morning as I ran for the train!  So here I am a day late.  I hope to get around to more artist's sites this weekend.

Second Class in portraits, mine from painting by Manet