Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Fall Fearless Cont."

I feel God is with me every day.  All I have to do to make contact is say "Thank you, Lord!"  I often feel disasters have been averted and little miracles occur when I almost trip and fall, or a fender bender is avoided, or the pan that I forgot I was cooking in did not catch on fire when I got absorbed with something else, because of a little nudge of awareness!  I also feel the closeness to God when driving through beautiful landscapes, or looking out my window at a chipmunk(yes, I do love them!). Or watching my grandsons' face when playing, or asking me a question.
After adding the gesso in my last post to make the church window stencil, and letting it dry, I decided to highlight different raised areas with glitter paint in gold, one of the prompt colors.  I just rubbed it on with my finger.  As you can see it really highlighted Jessica Sporn's new stencil "Medieval Leaves" the most.  Since the Church Windows were not showing up very much, I outlined various areas in Black Micron pen.  I still think that needs more, so I might continue to work on that later today.  I also stenciled on some black doves.  I should have done that before all the raised areas, as the stencil couldn't make contact with the paper.  Learning lots about the process!  Thank you, too to our other hostess on Fall Fearless and FlyCarolyn Dube