Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Cityscape Study"

Yesterday we had another session with Ann Feldman for our oil painting group.  This time we had a review of One-Point Perspective.  Ann made it so easy for everyone to understand.  We all had different city scenes to paint and were to find the horizon line first, then look at all the slanted lines going toward it from above and below the horizon line.  Once we had those lines established we were freed up to apply any colors and shapes of building we desired.  Since we were using other artists' paintings as our reference, these are just studies for practice purposes only.  But now that we have revisited the rules for One Point Perspective, we can use this information with more confidence in anything we draw or paint.
10"H x 10"W Oil on Raymar Artist Quality Canvas Panel


  1. looks AWESOME Gloria.. and I love all your cute doggies as well!

  2. wow your painting is gorgeous, however did you get your oils to dry so quickly? Annette x


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