Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's " Long Gone"

I have been away at a CREATE workshop in Lisle,IL, and have been busy sorting, organizing, giving away, and selling my household items.  I am getting my house ready to sell.  I will be downsizing into a ranch hopefully by the end of this year.  I also may have to have shoulder replacement surgery, so am trying to do as much as I can now.  Hence, my absence from the daily art endeavors.  I have still done some more in my series, and enjoyed my four days a the CREATE convention.  I took 4 classes with Roann Mathias, about journal making/book binding and vintage alphabets.  I also took a wonderful class with Mary Beth Shaw doing abstract paintings in acrylic.  I actually met Carolyn Dube of "A Colorful Journey" fame!  She was so friendly and fun, what a treat!  This will be posted to Paint Party Friday, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Except for an occasional addition to my series, I won't be posting very often for awhile.

Number 16 in my Series

First Day Create  We painted our own large papers with ink and watercolor, cut them into page sizes and bound them into a journal with twine and beads.  I had some problems with the binding!  We also did woven fronts with paper pieces or ribbons.  We didn't have time to embellish the inside, but I show some of my painted pages.

Evening Class on Vintage Alphabets

We learned about identifying the characteristics of different alphabets, traced some, then did some freehand.

Second Day Create.  We worked on a 12" x 9" store bought journal.  We were to gesso the front cover and several inside pages and the back cover.  However, the gesso took forever to dry, so we didn't get very far for a 6 hour class.  Front and Back Covers and the start of one inside page.

Front Cover,painted with acrylic,stamps                                          Back Cover

First Inside Page, paint, cut-outs,tape,transfer

Third Day Create.  We did two mini journals.  One accordion pleated, and one bound.  I had trouble with that again because I made the bound journal too tight and it can't close with the embellishments in it!
First is the Front Cover, then some embellished pages using my own stash, then a page shown before embellishment.  The little book is only 2 inches square when closed(if you can get it closed)! All pictures on this post may be clicked on to enlarge.


A page without embellishment.

Create Day 4.  My abstract painting class in acrylics with Mary Beth Shaw.  Four Paintings.

Finally, the END!  Thank you for looking!