Monday, April 14, 2014

Gloria J Zucaro's "Rixty Egg"

Today Laura Harms of I am the Diva gave us the latest Zentangle release from Rick and Maria(originators of the Zentangle craze) as our prompt.  The design is in celebration of Rick's sixtieth birthday. Zentangle
I had boiled some eggs for Easter and had already decided to decorate them with my own art materials instead of the store-bought dyes.  It was fun decorating this egg with a Micron pen #8.  A couple of times I accidentally smeared the ink.  So I decided to let some time elapse and lean the egg against a pink eraser to keep the recently inked side upright. I had to use "Wite-out" to cover the smears.  I think I will try doing an egg for each of my Easter guests.  I am posting this to Paint Party Friday.  Take a look at all the new art for the week.  Happy Easter & Happy Passover everyone.