Friday, November 14, 2014

Gloria J Zucaro's "Veggie Grid"

This week I made a couple of cards, and finished some projects.  The first is a Sketch Skool project for Jane LaFazio.  We were to arrange a still life, each part individually , draw and paint and add a grid line.  In my actual painting the grid is straight, but I couldn't get the top line to straighten out in this photo.  

The first card I made this week was a "Thank You" for a thank you gift! Redundant, I know, but the gift was...YUMMY!

What a great gift for just picking up their mail!

Next I got carried away with the invitation/reminder for my book club. We meet every other month at a different members' house.  That means we only have it at our house about once every other year.  We meet in alphabetical order.  It turned out to be my turn for the Christmas party.  We don't read a book for the Christmas party, but we usually exchange gifts.  We used to buy a gift and name a price to stay within.  This year someone suggested a "white elephant" gift exchange.   If we don't like what we get, we can donate it to the resale shop "House of Hope" in Barrington where a couple of our members volunteer.  Since the theme is white elephant, and a Christmas party, I combined the two.  Here are my supplies for the card.  The elephant is clip art from the internet, some stamps I have for the invitation inside, and the Christmas greeting outside.  Then I used some papers from a pad of Christmas themed papers for the background for my message about the gift this year.


Stamped message inside (minus some info!)

The gift idea reminder

The Craziest Christmas card ever!

The last project this week is the finished journal page I showed last week.
It is a "from life" drawing with watercolor I did awhile back when I went to a Tom Trausch open studio in Woodstock , IL.  It is held in St. John's Lutheran Church.  I added Zentangling, Stamped letters, a stamped pencil, some paper collage and crayon.

Have a good week,