Friday, April 10, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "Fanz"

I was visiting my Mom this past week, so haven't done much artwork, but did look at Laura Harm's site, "I Am the Diva" to see what the Zentangle of the week, April 6-12 would be. It is called "Fanz" and was originated by Susan Goetter. I didn't have any supplies with me,so squared off an index card and used a ball point pen with a mechanical pencil for shading.

Now for some very good news!  After Mom's CAT scan on April 2, she saw her primary and pulmonary doctors.  Both reported that it appeared that the 10 mm lesion on her lung had now shrunk to 8 mm!  The stage 4 cancer.  Just Kidney cancer that has not spread yet and because of her age(93 yrs.) and the slowness of kidney cancer, nothing much happening!  Yea!

Below are a couple of pictures of my very messy art studio!

A little pastel floral I did a while ago and never posted.  
I was trying to "be loose"! 

I am posting this to the Diva's site and to Paint Party Friday.

Have a good week.