Friday, July 24, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "Pastel Llama"

I enjoyed my vacation with my son, his wife and son Enzo who is seven. Enzo and I had a lot of fun on the trip to LA and San Diego.  When my son and his wife were looking at houses, we played double solitaire, and I taught him the card game Crazy Nines.  He caught on so quickly he was consistently beating me!!  It was great to see him peak into my motel  room each morning to see if I was awake yet.  I would have my cup of coffee sitting on the bed while he played on his I-Pad, then we would start our game of cards.  We played until Mom and Dad were ready to go for breakfast.

I painted this pastel of a Llama before our trip.  It is from a National Geographic cover photo by Anthony Smallwood and was taken in Cusco, Peru.

10" x 8" on Pastel Board
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Have a great week.