Monday, January 4, 2016

Gloria J Zucaro's "Matisse, Cut It Out!"

Today's' Creative Jumpstart 2016 Project is instructed by Michelle Ward.   
In Matisse' older years he was in a wheelchair.  That is when he began cutting out paper shapes to use in his designs.  Michelle has implemented that idea with making her own stencils and using spray paints as you will see further down the page.  I have never made a stencil before so that was new to me, and I didn't have spray paints so used spray inks! Plus it was 29 degrees today so even in the garage, spraying would not be fun!  I made a few "Opps!" as Carolyn Dube would say, so had to modify some things along the way.  I am not totally satisfied with the end result, but since almost everything is a first in this group of lessons, I am happy to learn a lot!  I did my design on watercolor paper.  I will show you the steps below.

My "Matisse, Cut It Out!"

Stage One, deciding on a theme and cutting out the patterns for stenciling

I decided with all the curvy shapes I needed some straight pieces.


Start to spray.  The pieces began to curl so I had to put bottles of ink on top to hold them down.

I soon learned that less is better!  But now I have a solid dark Koi fish and a pretty lighter colored one.  I decided to outline the darker images.  But I didn't like the gold pen I chose. "OPPS!"  

So then I decided to use Stickles glitter paint, but what color, what color???  I finally decided on purple.  The final painting...

Here below are a Matisse example and Michelle Ward's final pieces.

A Matisse Original
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Michelle Ward CJS folder

Boy, I am sweating it!  This was quite a bit of work !  Hope to see you back here tomorrow.