Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gloria J Zucaro's "My Basquiat Queen"

The second artist instructor in the group using Jean Michel Basquiat as inspiration is Tori Weyers.  I learned so much from her layering techniques!  I am also learning about how you can pick apart another artists work and get to understand their style a little better.  I am more appreciative of Basquiat's art now than when I started.

My Basquiat Queen

The steps are below

Done with Gelatos and NeoColor Watercolor crayons
Add Gesso

Next paint over magazine pages with warm and then cool colors.  That is Gwen Stefani in an Ulta add.  Also look for large test.

There are also small pieces of paper painted in the similar warm and cool paints.  I glued on the cut-out of the head then added some pops of color.

I glued on torn pieces of paper and text and a small picture.  I used the large word "Finally" as the base for her crown.  Basquiat used the crown symbol in a lot of his work.

I added more gesso, stream of consciousness wording, little drawings, stars and scribbles and details on the face and hair.

I hope you enjoyed my process.  See you for the next Basquiat!