Monday, January 9, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "CJS 2017 Project with Andrea Gomoll"

Andrea Gomoll's project took me longer than expected, as it involved, gesso(let dry), heavy gel and stencils(let dry) Watercolor paints(let dry) and then add embellishments with heavy gel(let dry), drizzle and drip on candle wax(because I didn't have encaustic hot sticks), and smoosh on dried up gold paint and scribble on silver Liquid Pearls.  This was all great fun!  I really like how it turned out.  I hope you enjoy it, too! Thank you Andrea!

The text refers to my 2017 vacation which will be a Roots on the Rails Music Train trip from Los Angeles to Chicago via New Orleans.  The trip continues from Chicago along the northern route through Colorado back to Los Angeles.  I found out about this trip from a workshop with artist Charlie Hunter. We will have singer/songwriters entertaining us with 3 to four hours of music every day.  There will also be lectures about the flora and fauna of the desert country and of the bayou country.  We will be in special train cars isolated from the other cars on the train.  There will be three sleepers, a dining car, a car where we will be entertained, and a observation car.

Below are views from different angles.

have fun , make art, BUY ART!!! :>)



  1. This turned out great, love the colours in it. I found when I tried to heat dry the watercolours the gesso went soft so would tackle differently next time.

    1. Thanks, Cath. I was going to use my regular iron, but thought better of it! I decided just to pour on some melted candle wax and then put gold and silver paint over it, since I couldn't mix it into my actual candle holder with the hot wax.

  2. Gorgeous texture and you trip sounds amazing Gloria!


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