Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gloria j Zucaro's "Day Two of CJS 2017 with Mystele"

Mystele definitely has a style all her own.  She loves outsider art and paints intuitively without references.  She picks and glues down her underlayer of text, parts of old artwork of hers, music scores, bits of magazines,etc.  Afterwards she draws the beginnings of a large face that eventually gets painted in with  a few parts of the underlayment showing.  Mystele demonstrated a "mash-up" of a large face. Following her example, here is my Day 2 of Creative Jumpstart 2017
.  I collaged over an old painting on an 10"H x 8"W board.  One of the pieces I used was the top of a memo pad from the Home Store.  It was beautifully decorated with flowers, gold striping, and rhinestones as well as a picture of the Eiffel Tower.  I reluctantly covered most of it, leaving only part of the Eiffel Tower and the rhinestones showing.  For me that is one of the hardest parts of mixed media, covering that very busy and colorful bottom layer that I love!  But I can see from other artists that it is one of the processes that makes your piece interesting and gives it depth.

Have a great day!