Sunday, October 29, 2017


I am in one of those dream states where you keep running faster and faster but can't get to where you are going!  Sorry I am two days late again!
I took a portrait class with Ann Feldman all day Friday.  She showed us her steps to painting a portrait.  It involved measuring for head height and width and then containing it all in a box and finding the center.
We all picked a different photo from the many she had brought.  I picked this man because of his attitude and Mona Lisa smirk!

my 8 x 10 painting on Gessobord.

The original photo

Enjoy Paint Party Friday.           I hope to visit you during the week.        Gloria


  1. Wow, Gloria. You got a terrific likeness to your painting. Even the smirk is similar.

  2. Wow Gloria indeed! Very well done!

  3. Great work Gloria, proportionally exact as well.

  4. You are Awesome Gloria! There's such amazing likeness! Your teacher must have been so proud of you! :D
    I love portraits too...I do try my hand at it every now and then but I have so much more to learn...
    Happy PPF!

  5. Wow, this is amazing! You nailed it, smirk and all! Happy PPF

  6. Great portrait. I love his nose you did it perfectly.


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