Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Abstract Favorites"

20"H x 10"W Original Oil on Stretched Canvas
$145.00 Framed in black floater frame.See frame at bottom of this listing.
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 I am proud to say that I had four paintings accepted into the Randy Higbee 6 Inch Squared National Juried show in Costa Mesa, Ca.

I tried something a little different here.  As I sat watching television, I drew on my canvas different things I like or enjoy.  A heart, fish(in a pond!), a cup of coffee, the telephone,my green tile kitchen counter,trees with the leaves drawn in house shapes, a rose, the wind, a rainbow and the star with various triangle and circles.  As I drew each one, I turned the canvas 1/4 of the way around to the right.  I hope you enjoy some of these things, too.  This can be hung either vertically or horizontally.  See below.  This is in the black frame,against my natural oak floor.  The colors in this bottom pix don't seem as accurate, I think I took this picture in a different place and at a different time of day.


  1. I've been visiting your blog and really love all your work, but this is just wonderful! Isn't amazing that sometimes our best work evoloves from an experiment or even play? I really like the small lemon painting too. Now, back to your blog to see more delights!

  2. This is really an excellent painting, Gloria.
    You did a great design with color linkage and eye flow. I have always wanted to be able to do work like this but it is always looks contrived...doesn't come naturally like yours appears to.


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