Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Fone Home"

Original Ink Design on 3.5" Square official Zentangle watercolor paper tile.
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This is my entry into this weeks I Am the Diva Challenge
Our tangle to work with is called "Mi2"by CZT Mimi Lempart.  The basic shape is interlocking pieces that remind me of the chainmail that knights would wear.  I started with the feeling of falling into a maelstrom or "the rabbit hole" in the center.  Then did two versions of the basic design.  In the second one I added the perpendicular bars in the centers of the ovals.  Suddenly it looked like ET and the title occurred to me...Fone Home!


  1. Your work with Mi2 is so strong and you didn't make it easy for yourself with so much to see and appreciate!

  2. Nice tile! I like the ET eyes.

    Annemarie Huijts

  3. They do look like ET eyes! And chainmail! Great interpretations!

  4. Like your variations. It is amazing how different a tangle can look, even with the same basic structure. Well done!

  5. You did n awesome job with this-I like the ET eyes.

  6. Hi Gloria,

    You are one prolific artist. I really enjoyed this and I was especially in love with the chain mail sections of the piece. I have always been attracted to chain mail, since the first time I went to a Renn Faire.

    You asked several questions about my piece I created for Jenn's challenge this week. I have a small pair of scissors I use to cut the magazine images I use. I try very hard to stay within the lines. I move the object, not the scissors, which helps when cutting close. No, I don't try to paint around the magazine images. I've just learned to take my time and cut carefully. The background is always created first, and I never try to mess with it afterward.

    E6000 is a silicone based glue. It comes in a tube and is clear, but quite sticky. It holds your heavier assemblage items. I even used it once to repair the roller on my heavy TV cart. It works great, but you won't need it for magazine images, or anything like that. I build it up behind objects like the nibs, which are curved in the back. That provides me with a good base and lots of staying power. I promise, these nibs won't get knocked off. The only way to get them off is to rip them off, which would damage or destroy the substrate.

    I hope I have answered your questions. If not, please feel free to ask anything in the comment section of any current blog post.

  7. Beautiful work and a clever title.

  8. Who knew that ET would pop up in your tile! I can see him in there. Your Mi2 variations are really well done!

  9. Good composition, these multiple eyes gives it a surreal character, Greetings.

  10. Really like the vortex happening in the middle. I feel like I will soon be sucked down into this drawing.


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