Monday, January 14, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Give it a Spin"

Today I am linking to the Daily Paintworks challenge "Make It Move" offered by Francesco Fontana.  I am also linking to Ria Hills January challenge  which is to do a piece of fruit in a still life, an apple was suggested.  I am combining both these challenges into a painting called "Spin the Apple"!  I also did a painting today for The Artist Playroom site hosted by Jennifer Mclean.  Her thought was to portray our weather wherever we live, well it is darned icy!   I combined two ideas again.  The movement from Daily Paintworks and the weather theme from The Artist's Playroom for "On Ice" below the apple.

"Spin the Apple"
8" x 8" Original Oil on Museum Quality Canvas Panel.
Click on images to enlarge.

"On Ice"

5"h x 7"W Oil on Museum Quality Canvas Panel.  I found this photo on Google and think it is probably Kristi Yamaguchi doing a move called the Sit-spin. 


  1. I love the movement and how you were able to portray it. Blessings, Janet PPF

  2. Very nice Gloria. Love the movement in both pieces. I like how the pink of the movement in the apple becomes a part of it. Nice job!

  3. Hai reso benissimo il movimento, mi piacciono i tuoi colori!

  4. Very beautiful work Gloria. I particularly like the skater :0)) Mo x

  5. Great spinning, like the figure on ice.


  6. such a terrific "out of the box" piece to show "weather", thanks so much for participating Gloria, love your take on the theme!

  7. wow, Gloria, you really accomplished excellent movement on both pieces!

  8. I agree with everyone - your movement depiction is great. The apple is beautifully done and the abstracted skater is such a fun way to show icy conditions. Great work!

  9. I love the movement in the ice skater. You really captured the energy and the challenge, well done.

  10. Wow! You really captured the feeling of movement, especially in your ice skater. Blessings, Gloria!

  11. Oh my word Gloria you've produced a amazing artwork here,
    It's a good job I'm sitting down because the movement on your skater would make me do you do that!
    It's stunning and such a fun way to enter the weather theme.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    I'm absent this week from the play room but had to come an check on what everyone has entered.
    Have a great week! ;D

    Neesie ♥


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