Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Auraknot & Bunzo Challenge"

Every Monday Laura Harms at "I am the diva" posts a new Zentangle challenge.  This weeks challenge is a duo tangle of Auraknot and Bunzo.  We have done each of these before, but not in concert.

I used strings that had the shape of hearts for Valentines' Day and did my tangle on a 4"H x 6"W greeting card.  I first did it in Black and White and then in watercolor with all the Bunzo areas in fushia and red.  The Auraknot areas stand out in their starkness.

I also made another thank you card.  This one for my neighbor who gave me, for Christmas, some delicious pretzels with white chocolate kisses melted inside and green and red M & M's on top.