Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "I Don't Know Where To Start!"

Lately I have gotten into Journaling, Artist Trading Cards, and what I call whimsy drawing.  By that I mean that I don't really have a reference to go by when drawing, so things are a little wacky.  But hey!  that's me...a little wacky!  Today I decided to try the journal everyday idea.  I was at a loss as to what to do, so I joined Julie Fei-Fan Balzers'  called "30 Days in Your Journal" on-line class.  It is go-at-your-own-pace with videos and supplies and encouragement.  When I went to my studio, I opened my journal to a page that had some really bad stamping attempts and a little Gelli Plate paint from off the brayer.  The dark blue and red were too stark for me on the white, so I used my Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils to draw on a rainbow of colors.  I grabbed an old brush and wet the surface of the page, over the pencil marks.  Ah!  now I like it, lots of color.  Next I knew I needed the journal part, which is hard for me, because I usually just apply paint to a surface and am done.  I am doing this because it is a challenge and really out of my comfort zone. So I stamped some words from different stamps that have a whole phrase.  I just used the words I needed.  I applied the ink with that old paintbrush.  Then I just stamped around with some little stamps that appealed to me.  A pencil, a pair of scissors, a Tiki mask with a frowning face.  Then I went through my box of newly acquired ephemera and found some foam stickers that I liked. I put on a sticker that said "Play" and outlined it with gold pearl dimensional paint. Next I cut a cardboard tag with ribbon smaller and used Elmer's Glue-all to sick it down.  Since it is lumpy and the glue oozed out around it, I shook some gold glitter on it and now have a bottle of paint sitting on it to hold it in place until it dries.  I am going out to dinner now, will take a picture and post this later!  I am linking to Julie's site and Daily Paintworks.  ......

I am back from a delicious dinner at Emilios Tapas Restaurant in Hillside, IL.  I will have to leave a glowing review at Yumbly.  And here is my finished journal page for today.

6"H x 8"L
Click on image to enlarge.