Monday, January 23, 2017

Gloria j Zucaro's "Jamie Dougherty Project"

Our last project of the third week on CJS17 was with Jamie Dougherty. Jamie showed how she collages her backgrounds with pieces of fabric instead of paper.  She also did a quick demo painting over the dry background.  I didn't have multiple pieces of fabric, but the one I had, had interesting designs on it. Instead of painting my focal point,I applied a transfer to go with the quotation, and ink to some designs, some paint pens and markers. "The road to success runs uphill" by Willie Davis.


  1. This is great. I used paper, not fabric, but think yours worked out really well. Love the car 🚗

  2. Thanks, Cath. Not my favorite because of my composition. I am thinking of changing the overpowering large red flower. I did enjoy learning about painting on fabric and doing a transfer.

  3. What a wonderful piece! What a fun idea to use fabrics...

    1. Thank you Lisa, it was different to be sure!

  4. I have so many scraps of fabric here, never thought about using them for a collage. Lovely piece, and a very true quote ....

  5. love the quote and your take on Jamie's tutorial!


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