Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fish Pitcher Value Study Challenge

Okay,Values clarified.  Mid value dominant, dark next and very light just a "smidge" 
Fish bottom straightened!

                                    6"H x6"W Oil on canvas board.
This is the Daily Paintworks Challenge for the week of May 21.  We were to do a value study of any object with a dominant value of either light, dark or mid being the dominant value.  I was aiming for light as dominant, with mid-value being the next dominant and dark being the less dominant.  However, if I had to cut this up in pieces and put each value in a pile, I am not sure how much difference there would be in the piles!  I think I may print this out, cut it up and see.  I may need to do another study!!   I may use the pitcher again, because I like it's unusual shape!