Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Strange Selection" & Art In The Park

Art In The Park
Barrington, Illinois, Sunday, May 22, 2011
This past weekend some friends and I shared my ProPanels to display our oil paintings at Art In The Park in Barrington, Illinois.  It was a beautiful day and the event was well organized.  below are pictures from the fair. 
Above is my friend Carol Fosters' front panel display. I neglected to get a picture of her pieces on the back of the panels.

 A few of my pieces on a back panel.

This is Corrine Murphy's back of the panel view.

This is Corinne Murphy's front panel view

Lynn Loch's paintings

My front view panels.

Another front view of my display.

In Private Collection
8"H x10"W  Oil on canvas panel
And finally, today's painting Called "Strange Selection"
I got the idea for this painting from the books I am currently reading.  They all are so different!  The top book is about computer espionage.  I picked it up when I was visiting my mother in San Antonio for Christmas and New Years.  She is at the ARC which is a retirement center for military retired officers.  My father was in the Air Force.  Near their post office, they have shelves of books with the idea that you can take one at any time.  I picked it up just before my return home to Illinois to read on the plane.  I read a little more after I returned, but haven't finished it yet...but I will!
Next is our current book club selection.  I am only a couple of chapters into it, but so far very interesting characters and stories.  It takes place in England right after WWII and is about letters exchanged by a city girl/woman and a country man who have a similar interest. I had better get busy with finishing this one as book club is on June 10th!
The next one, I am proud to say was written by my niece Rosslyn Elliot.  Rosslyn and her family formerly lived in Ohio, although they are now in Albuquerque.  The story is a romance based on two actual families of those times, the Hanby's and the Millers.  The story begins in Western Ohio in 1923, and I must say, is well written, Rosslyn.
Then there is the issue of the bookmarks!  One is my Amazon receipt from my pre-order of Rosslyn's book.  That is in her book.  The marker in "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie(I just noticed I left out PIE, Oh! No!)Society" is the library receipt telling me when to return it, and a plastic coated bookmark with Jesus on it holding a lamb in his arm with a biblical quotation from First Corinthians.  
In the Tom Clancey novel I have an April 2011 calendar bookmark with a picture of George Bernard Shaw and his quotation "Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children."
By the way, this took me 3 days.  I had to wait for paint to dry enough to do the lettering, first in charcoal, then in paint.

So I would say a very strange selection.  Remind me never to take my lunch break when in the middle of painting a long title on a book!!