Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Past The Pansies & Violets"

 8"H x 10"W              $175.00 plus     10.00 S&H
 Pastel on Ampersand Board                      Frame cost $70.00
This is the "Outside My Window" view of my courtyard in front of my townhouse. This is my entry into the Daily Paintworks Challenge for this week. My artist friend Ann Feldman offered this challenge and painted her cat begging outside the window to come in! My pots of Pansies and Violets are on sitting on the top step going down into the courtyard from the French doors. I don't use the steps,(I go out the main front entry) so always have potted plants on them. My courtyard has an Asian theme with a stone walk-way leading from the sidewalk past the pagoda over to a stone bench and a fountain that is made up of a bamboo spout trickling water into a stone basin. It is beautiful and soothing, but as with all things, needs to be maintained by making sure the water level doesn't drop so much in one hot afternoon that there is not enough to cover the pump!